Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What makes you tingle?

Benedict Cumberbatch
I watched a mini series on HBO recently called Parade’s End and Benedict Cumberbatch made me tingle quite a bit. I’m pretty particular about the men I fall for and I’m not sure if it was his floppy blond hair, strong jawline or his deep baritone voice, but something about that man just made me go all tingly inside.

Not exactly Hollywood good looking, I honestly think it was just him, or rather the character he played. He was such a good guy. Just plain and simple, good. Yes, that’s a boring word to some, but he made the word sink down deep inside me. And it felt rather good.

Watching his character undergo such extraordinary circumstances without changing, buried in the trenches of war, he made me remember why I love men. Yes, Christopher is a fictitious character, but still, there are good men out there. I just know it. And watching this series made me believe in that again, and for that, I am thankful.  Isn’t that why we watch love stories in the first place?

I applaud the writers of the story, he was a perfect hero in every sense. Trustworthy, gallant, so very descent in every sense of the word. Never a cad, when all around him men were flopping. I have to admit, I just kind of fell in love with him.

How could you not?

Watch Parade’s End and tell me what you think.

I dare you not to tingle a bit.

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